My Story

Once upon a time . . .

There was a little girl who loved pretty clothes and looked forward to parties where she could wear her favourite red dress and shiny patent shoes.

As the little girl grew up, her love of pretty clothes turned into an obsession, and to this day, she can still be seen at parties in her favourite red dress and shiny patent shoes – no wonder the next chapter of her life revolved around fashion!

Was there a happy ever after?

Absolutely! I took a leap of faith and turned my childhood dream into reality by starting my very own fashion business. I designed and created a collection of super-cute fashion accessories that were featured in Vogue, Grazia, Red, Fabulous, the Evening Standard magazine, The Times newspaper, on National TV, several fashion Blogs and I sold all over the world as far as Paris, New York, Japan, China, Russia and Australia.

What happened next?

Something that I simply couldn’t ignore! (..and no, it wasn’t a Sale at Net!)

I started getting emails from all sorts of people asking me these 3 questions:

1. How did you start your fashion business?

2. How did you get your product into that magazine?

3. Do you know where I could find a good factory?

Then, a light went on . . .

It suddenly occurred to me (ta-da!) other people were struggling, like I had, to find practical information and had no idea where to start.

I’m not a fashion graduate, I didnt start out with industry experience, contacts or a huge startup budget but, I’d learned how to start a fashion business from the ground up. And this, as it turns out, was a market opportunity staring me quite literally straight in the face!

A new chapter began . . .

I stopped what I was doing, sold off my stock and set out on a new path -writing down everything I’d learned about starting a fashion business.

I realised I could genuinely make a difference to lives and businesses just by packaging my knowledge and creating a course to show people, like you, how to do exactly what I did – and THAT, so to speak, was my light-bulb moment!

To be continued . . .

I don’t know what the next chapter of my fashion business will reveal but, I know I want YOU to be part of my story. And that’s why I’m sharing my full 10-Step Fashion Business Formula with you inside my exclusive 3-PART VIDEO TRAINING COURSE.

What are you waiting for?

Simply, follow in my footsteps, start a fashion business

– and let’s all live fashionably ever after!