How Fashion Startups Can Compete With Established Retailers


28 Jan How Fashion Startups Can Compete With Established Retailers

Saturdays​ ​used to be ​all ​about​ ​one thing​ – s​hopping! Every weekend​, me and a few friends​ ​would jump on the train​,​ ​head into London​ and make a bee-line for ​Harvey Nichols​, Harrods​​​​ and Selfridges. In the ​​days before online shopping ​was the norm​ – ​this was what we did!


So, what about now?

​Nowadays, technology allows us to shop whenever we want, wherever we are and share our purchases with friends across the globe. Websites and social media are the new shop window​s​ and ​literally everything can be done online. With​ just a few clicks of ​​a button​,​ we can browse, ​add to basket and pay – all while sitting on the sofa, drinking a coffee and flicking through Vogue! Not only that, deliveries are getting quicker too, which gives us even less reason to visit the stores. Technology really has changed the way we shop forever.

Yet​,​ with the rise of online, the high street now finds itself in limbo. There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about the decline of brick-and-mortar store​s. ​Recently, The Guardian published an article reporting Harvey Nichols ​having suffered a 30% slump in profits for the year. In response, ​Harvey Nichols announced plans to revamp ​the flagship stores while simultaneously ploughing a significant amount of cash into their website.

As with ​any ​industry, trends change and evolve. For fashion brands especially, it​’s​ becoming increasingly important to keep things relevant. ​But, as an aspiring entrepreneur, this is music to your ears!

With people spending more of their time online than ever before, ecommerce and mobile ​technology ​has ​opened up so many new opportunities for startups. The rules are shifting and the fashion industry is no longer about exclusivity. By ​focussing your efforts online and ​feeding the demand for ‘fashion at your fingertips’, you really can compete with other established ​fashion brands and ​retailers​ out there because – guess what? No one knows what’s going on behind the scenes! If you present your business correctly, everyone looks exactly the same online and, if you keep your overheads to a minimum, you really can achieve something ​many people would’ve never thought possible​ just a few years back​!

It’s all about ​standing out in your market, ​tapping into what your customers ​really ​want, ​understanding how they shop​, how they want to shop​, delivering ​your product into their hands at the speed of light and making use of all the free resources out there, like social media for example, where you can promote your brand for a fraction of what it used to cost – all while driving customers to your site who actually want to be there​!​

So, if you want to BE part of this change and take advantage of the opportunities that are happening RIGHT NOW, sign up for my 3-Part Video Training Series where I’ll ​show you how to ​start your very own fashion ​business! What’s not to love?