What makes the brand SELF-PORTRAIT different from the rest?


07 Jan What makes the brand SELF-PORTRAIT different from the rest?

Han Chong founded Self-Portrait in 2013 and, before we had time to blink, the collection was stocked by the likes of Net-A-Porter, Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges and Matches.

News spread quickly through Instagram and Facebook pages across the globe. Every celeb, blogger, fashion editor and fashionista (..including moi), wanted to be seen in Self-Portrait! It was feminine, fresh, different – and felt heart-flutteringly exciting too!

This is the perfect example of a fashion business success story BUT …

What makes the brand SELF-PORTRAIT different from the rest?

Let’s take a look…

Lets face it, it’s ALL about the fabric! The creative use of intricate guipure lace with sheer mesh overlay makes every piece red-carpet worthy. If someone arrived at a party wearing Self-Portrait, you’d recognise the brand instantly by the fabric alone.

Now, I’m not saying this brand is cheap. It sits somewhere between High Street and Designer but, for a couture look on a reasonable budget, it’s offering something unique that doesn’t seem to be available elsewhere.

Han Chong spotted a Self-Portrait-sized gap in the market, right between High Street and Designer. Targeting couture-look designs at a different market and pricing correctly for this market, made the collection more newsworthy and accessible.

Each garment has a consistent ‘look’ and ‘feel’ which creates a strong visual collection and recognisable signature style. You can’t miss the Self-Portrait woman, she makes a bold statement when she enters the room! A guaranteed Insta-hit – media attention anyone?

It’s the wear anywhere label that works from day-to-night. From parties and weddings to lunches and meetings – this brand has no rules! Han Chong understands what a modern woman really wants to wear and has created the perfect pieces to slot into her (..or my) closet. He truly understands his customer!


When you start any new business, you need to set out your vision. It doesn’t matter what you create, whether it’s a scarf, bag, dress or sweater, you must clearly define what makes your brand different from the rest and what will get the most ‘media’ and ‘social media’ attention.

Think about the size of the item, the fabric and materials, the colour range, the print or pattern, the way it’s made, the story behind the brand – and so on.

If you’re starting out on a limited budget, like I did, design something with visual impact, use eye-catching photography and focus on social media to grow your brand organically.

Start by grabbing a piece of paper and making a list of 4 or 5 things that could make your brand different from the rest. Putting a twist on a classic wardrobe staple and making it your own, will create a new fashion brand that everyone’s talking about!

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