Is NOW the right time to start a fashion business?


19 Oct Is NOW the right time to start a fashion business?

Well, there’s a quick answer to this – yes, absolutely! The timing couldn’t be more perfect and, if you read on, I’ll tell you why…

Believe it or not, there was life before the internet. A fashion industry before the internet – and one where you had to WAIT! Yes, that’s right, you had to wait to see the new season collections because, unless you had a golden ticket to the front row, you weren’t going to see anything until you saw it in print!

I used to rush to the newsagents, grab the glossy catwalk issue the second it was on the shelf and spend the next few days obsessing over every image. That copy of Vogue was my bible, I treasured it and, within a few short weeks, you could see the pieces in-store.

But of course, things have changed and, not only have we turned into a bunch of impatient scrollers, swipers and clickers who want everything yesterday – fashion shows now stream LIVE! Every look is available within minutes (…but I still hit refresh a million times!) Social media keeps us updated by the milli-second. Magazine editors have an hour or so to get their reviews in and, if they don’t, the Bloggers will beat them to it. We no longer want to wait – and we wont wait!

So, here’s the thing… we’ve changed but the fashion industry hasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a fashion show just like the next person, but I personally think the fashion calendar is outdated. The catwalk pieces won’t arrive in store for some 5-6 months – and it’s simply too long! To be honest, I’m pretty much over it and on to the next thing once the build up surrounding the shows has passed. I do love New Season but, in a perfect world, I want it NOW!

That’s why innovative companies like Moda Operandi and Burberry have come up with a new way to shop, ‘off the catwalk’. It makes total sense because you get to feel that initial excitement, the buzz, the hype, secure your favourite piece and know it’s in the bag – so to speak! That magical moment is what every shopping experience is all about and, the easiest time to get someone to buy, is right there and then. The shipping date isn’t quite as relevant.

The High Street have cottoned on to this too, by continually refreshing stock and creating designs inspired by the shows in a much shorter timescale.

So, how does this affect you?

Well, there’s an extra-large gap in the market right now because shopping habits have changed. It’s no longer about Seasons. People want to buy what they want, when they want, and decide for themselves what’s right for them and when. That’s why thousands of micro fashion businesses have started up all over the world offering new, creative, specialist, personalised, innovative designs and made-to-order services. They’re constantly energising fashion and keeping it fresh – and that’s exactly what we want!

It’s an exciting time to start a fashion business because you can design, create and sell what you want, how you want, when you want – and even do your own PR! Believe me, the Press and Bloggers are hungry for content, it’s not just about the shows any more. They need something new to write about every single day – so why not give them what they need?

In today’s world, a fashion business is 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s happening every moment of every day. The market is already looking for the next new thing and customers can be from anywhere in the world because, as Miuccia Prada so eloquently puts it, “Fashion is INSTANT language”- and we don’t want to wait!

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